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Byrna XL Basics

Get To Know Your Byrna SD XL

You should familiarize yourself with the Byrna SD XL and its before using.

  1. Safety lever. Know where the safety lever is on the Byrna. Always keep it on safety until you are ready to shoot.

  2. Breech Indicator. Always know if there is a projectile in the chamber. If the breech indicator is up, you have a projectile in the chamber ready to shoot.

  3. Trigger. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot! Your finger should not be on the trigger as you are holding the gun until you are ready to shoot.

  4. Front Sight / Rear Sight. Never point the gun towards anything you are not willing to shoot. Keep it pointed in a safe direction. You don't want to accidentally blast your buddy with a pepper ball... even if he deserves it!

Byrna SD XL 12 gram CO2
Byrna SD XL Orange Color

5. Magazine. Know how to load the projectiles and how to unload them. Once you put a loaded magazine into the Byrna, one projectile goes into the chamber. If you remove the magazine, the projectile is still in the chamber until you push the breech indicator to release the projectile. It will then come flying out uncontrollably and bounce around the floor. Or you can hold your hand under the handle before pressing the breech indicator and catch it. By the way, the CO2 cap tool is built right into the magazine. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

6. CO2 Cap. You need to put CO2 into the Byrna or you will have no fire power. Look it's not magical! You need a fresh CO2 cartridge in the CO2 chamber. (8 gram for the SD or 12 gram if you have the XL or Byrna Boost). The cartridge is not punctured until you fire. If you fire with the safety on or off, you have now punctured the CO2 cartridge and it will only last for about 20-25 rounds or 24 hours if you don't shoot. So don't puncture it until you're ready to use it! Otherwise you have a Byrna which will not burn-a anyone's eyes and lungs. It's just a cool object which might scare someone, but you see that CO2 stuff is the juice to make those projectiles fly towards the bad guy. So keep a fresh Byrna-brand CO2 cartridge in the Byrna so it's ready to use when you need it!

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