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1. A proper hold helps optimize reliability, accuracy, and comfort.

2. Only the first joint of your trigger finger should be inserted into the trigger guard to fire, positioning the pad of your finger on the center of the trigger as shown.

3. Do not put your finger on the trigger until the launcher is aimed at your intended target and you are ready to fire.

4. Hard Kinetic rounds might be better for a long-term carry as the pepper ball rounds can get damaged if the Byrna is jarred often in a glove box or in a backpack. If you keep pepper ball rounds or Byrna Max rounds in the magazine (and one by default in the chamber after the magazine is loaded), inspect the rounds often including the round in the chamber by pressing the breech indicator when the magazine is removed to inspect the round in the chamber.

5. The CO2 cartridge will last indefinitely as long as it is not punctured. It only gets punctured if you pull the trigger. (It will puncture the CO2 even if you pull the trigger with the safety on.) Make sure it is a fresh non-punctured CO2 cartridge in your Byrna SD for whenever you are carrying or storing it for personal seld defense. You don't want to mess with loading another CO2 cartridge in a stressful situation.

6. Always know who your target is. Don't shoot at someone unless you know that they are a threat. Using the Byrna does not have lethal consequences like a firearm, but you still don't want to blast someone in the face with a bunch of pepper balls only to find out it is a friend and not a foe.

7. Get familiar with the Byrna SD. Buy some extra CO2 cartridges and some Eco Kinetic rounds and practice shooting. Get a feel for how long the trigger pull is. Get familiar with the safety operation. Get familiar with loading and unloading the CO2 cartridges and Byrna projectiles. You'll feel more confident and you'll be able t address a threat more effectively if you're not fumbling around with a launcher you've never really used before.

8. We hear people say that the Byrna SD could be mistaken for a gun by law enforcement. Well, yes! So don't go waving it around like a lunatic if law enforcement shows up. The purpose of the Byrna SD is to protect yourself because often you are your own first responder. You need to address a would-be attacker or some type of threat. Once the police arrive, just like if you had a firearm, you put it away and tell them that you have it so there are no surprises. They might want to look at it, and they may actually be carrying one as well.

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