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Byrna Authorized Dealer in Port Angeles, Washington

We became big fans of the Byrna guns and we were excited to partner with them as an authorized dealer.

The gun debate is hot and Byrna is the perfect safe solution for anyone who does not want to have a firearm, but still wants a way to protect themselves.

For those concerned about having a firearm in the home, Byrna guns (not firearms) give you an effective and powerful alternative to a lethal gun. It's the un-gun!

Byrna makes the leading high-quality self-defense product on the market that is non-lethal. 

Byrna Launchers are not firearms but are incredibly powerful and effective self-defense devices.

The Byrna Launcher is an incredibly powerful and effective non-lethal self-defense weapon that can be taken virtually anywhere.

Powered by compressed air (CO2), the Byrna Launcher shoots .68 caliber round kinetic and chemical irritant projectiles that can disable a threat from up to 60-feet away or 125-feet for the Byrna TCR.

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The Burna SD Pepper Ball Gun

Self-defense guns that are non-lethal are increasing in popularity. Not everybody wants a firearm, and not every situation requires the use of deadly force.

An effective non-lethal self-defense gun protects and puts distance between you and a threat.

The Byrna SD with pepper ball projectiles is the best non-lethal self-defense product on the market. It will incapacitate the threat and give you critical time needed to get to safety or call the police. 

Non-lethal guns for self-defense give you the peace of mind that when needed, you have something that packs a punch, but also, you will not have to second-guess pulling the trigger for fear of killing someone. 

Byrna SD launchers are powered by CO2 and can be concealed and carried without a permit. (Always double-check your local laws for any restrictions.)

Non-lethal weapons are safer around children while still providing very effective protection.

If you are looking for something for home defense, the Byrna SD non-lethal gun is a perfect fit. 

Sometimes referred to as a pepper spray gun, it actually shoots the pepper irritant in the form of a solid ball or projectile which is designed to break apart on impact and spread to the eyes, nose, skin, and lungs of an attacker to stop a threat and give you the necessary time to escape to safety.

You can shoot both pepper ball projectiles and hard kinetic projectiles. 

The Byrna SD guns are the same, so if you purchase the pepper gun, it also shoots the kinetic rounds.

The kinetic rounds are preferred by some people who carry a Byrna gun because they are very effective and might even be preferable to a pepper ball round in many situations.

The starter kit comes with two magazines, so you could choose to load one magazine with Pepper Ball Projectiles and the other with Kinetic Projectiles, or mix them into one magazine.

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Byrna SD by Bring-It! Self Defense
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Byrna Gun Conceal Carry
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