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BYRNA BGR MAX (0.5 OZ - 2-Pack)

  • Attacks the central nervous system, impairs vision, restricts breathing, and causes the nose to fill with mucus and skin to feel like it’s on fire – quickly incapacitates the attacker.

  • Effective range: 8-10 ft.

  • Stream spray for maximum stopping power, and less cross-contamination.

  • Attacker Tracker UV Dye lasts up to 48 hours for law enforcement and victim to identify the bad guy(s)

  • Oil-based

  • 1.4 Major Capsaicinoids (maximum allowed by law)

  • Each Byrna Bad Guy Repellent canister comes with an attachable clip for quick access on belts, backpacks, purse straps, etc.

  • Expiration Date: 4 Years from date of purchase

Bad Guy Repellent - Pepper Spray - BGR Max 0.5 OZ - 2 Pack

    • Personal Defense Sprays are illegal in the following states: New York, Alaska and Hawaii.

    • BGR MAX contains Tear Gas which is prohibited in: Wisconsin, Washington DC, and Michigan. BGR Hell Pepper is legal!